The Fifth Risk

By Michael Lewis The extent to which Donald Trump was unprepared to take the helm of the federal government is laid bare in a new book by Moneyball author Michael Lewis. The Trump transition team was beleaguered by difficulties owing to the fact that Trump and his team made so little preparations in the event … Continue reading The Fifth Risk


By Francis Fukuyama In an ever-changing and complex world, people yearn for meaning. This meaning can be found in the stories that we tell ourselves about who we are and how we relate to the world; in short, in our identities. People want to feel as though they are justly recognised and that their voice … Continue reading Identity

The Extreme Centre: A Warning

By Tariq Ali Over the last 40 years, we have seen huge changes to societies across the globe. The advent of the neo-liberal era brought about the age of greed in which huge profits and perks were bestowed to a corporate class at the expense of the middle and working classes; who, incidentally, have steadily … Continue reading The Extreme Centre: A Warning

Political Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction

By David Miller   Introduction We are living in a time of profound social and political disruption. Politics is profoundly unpredictable and it often seems as though we are approaching new and uncharted territory. Uncertain times call for us to take a step back, and to think about the issues that have underpinned politics since … Continue reading Political Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction

Fear: Trump in the White House

  By Bob Woodward The Trump presidency is encountering existential challenges which may be impossible to resolve. We read press reports every day about the growing dysfunction of a White House where vicious in-fighting is the norm and the President appears to pay more attention to his media coverage than the 320 million Americans that … Continue reading Fear: Trump in the White House

Why Not Socialism?

  Human beings are good at showing kindness on a small scale, but when we try and show kindness on a grand scale something seems to dissipate away. We are good at extending compassion towards family and friends, but less good at doing so towards the man on the street. This, as G.A. Cohen conceives … Continue reading Why Not Socialism?

What is History?

By E.H. Carr We know that history is important, but we rarely ask what it is. It lurks behind us like an amorphous blob tacitly structuring our perceptions and relations to the world and others. But perhaps history is not really a blob, it's shape is liable to change with new interpretation as previously insignificant … Continue reading What is History?

On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century

  By Timothy Snyder The current political landscape has lead some historians to wonder if we are seeing a repeat of the 1930's. Viktor Oban in Hungary; Vladimir Putin in Russia; Narendra Modi in India. Across the globe, populist authoritarians are able to claim huge political and social power. This trend is certainly worrying and … Continue reading On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century


By Joss Sheldon   There is always political tension between society and the individual. Perhaps nobody has advocated their loyalties to individualism better than Margret Thatcher. In an interview with Women's Week in 1987 she offered a quote that perfectly captured her political philosophy: "There is no such thing as society. There is living tapestry … Continue reading Individutopia

Small is Beautiful

By E.F Schumacher Small is Beautiful was published in 1973 at a time when people were starting to wake up to the long-term consequences of environmental pollution and fossil fuel consumption. Today, we know even more about the long-term effects of pollution on the natural world, so Schumacher's central argument about the need to conserve … Continue reading Small is Beautiful